10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces in Cisco 4500 series switches

10 Gigabit Ethernet modules in Cisco 4500 series switches can operate in two modes. You can either “merge” two fiber optic ports into one 10 Gbit/s interface or use two separate interfaces, 1 Gbit/s each. However, in both cases you need to inform the switch in which mode should these modules operate – otherwise they won’t operate at all :)

You need to use the command:

hw-module slot slot_number port-group group_of_ports select [ tengigabitethernet | gigabitethernet ]

Update: the above is only true when using SFP modules for implementing fiber optic connections. With the new SFP+ modules, one module is enough to create a 10 Gbit/s link – there is no need to pair two modules in the configuration any more.


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