Turning off an annoying pop-up while copying files from network drives

While trying to copy files from network drives in Windows Vista with SP1 (some say that also in Windows XP with SP3), an annoying window pops up, asking the user “Do you want to move or copy files from this zone?”. It would seem that article KB 929798 at Microsoft’s website solves the issue. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true…

Even though I’ve managed to download the proper hotfix, running it revealed that… “the update does not apply to my system”. Changing the registry in a way described in the above mentioned article also had no effect. What worked eventually was manually adding the path I was having trouble with to the list of intranet sites (which, by the way, wasn’t suggested by Microsoft in any way). You can do it through Start MenuControl PanelInternet OptionsSecurityLocal intranetSitesAdvanced.

Update: it turns out that after mapping the network drive to a hostname (\\abc) instead of an IP address (\\ Windows behaves correctly even without the changes described above. Well, maybe it will behave incorrectly for someone ;) I’ve also noticed that the very same window pops up while dragging files from ZIP archives. The solution is to launch (Start MenuRun…) the gpedit.msc console, go to User ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesWindows ComponentsAttachment Manager and set the option Do not preserve zone information in file attachments to Enabled.


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