Empty warnings while sending mail in Outlook Express

If Outlook Express suddenly starts displaying warnings that some tasks couldn’t be completed successfully while sending mail, but the Errors tab remains empty (see: screenshot at the end of this post), it’s worth checking if the size of the Sent Items folder hasn’t exceeded 2 GB in size :)

You may check the location of an Outlook folder on the disk by right-clicking that folder and picking Properties. If you don’t want to waste an hour watching Outlook move the messages between folders, you may use a simple file renaming trick:

  1. Create a new folder in Outlook and call it whatever you want, e.g. newfolder.
  2. Click that folder once so that its file is created on the disk.
  3. Navigate your file manager to the folder on the disk where profile data is kept (I told you above how to find that folder).
  4. Close Outlook.
  5. Delete the newfolder.dbx file (or another one with a name relevant to the name you used in step 1).
  6. Rename the Sent Items.dbx file to newfolder.dbx (again, the name you use must be relevant to the name of the folder you created in step 1).
  7. Run Outlook. Your sent mail should be in the newfolder folder, while your Sent Items folder should be empty.

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