“No audio device” in Windows XP

If soundcard drivers are installed correctly, the soundcard is seen as “working properly” in the Device Manager and yet Windows shows No audio devices in the relevant part of the Control Panel, the solution is far from obvious.

First I advise you to check whether the Windows Audio service is started (StartRun…services.msc). If it is (it was in my case), the problem is caused by something else – let’s move on:

  1. Right-click My Computer, pick Properties, switch to the Hardware tab and click Device Manager.
  2. Make sure that the menu option ViewShow hidden devices is checked.
  3. Expand the System devices node and find the ISAPNP Read Data Port device.
  4. Right-click that device and pick Update Driver….
  5. Click the following: No, not this timeNextInstall from a list or specific location (Advanced)NextDon’t search. I will choose the driver to install.Next.
  6. Untick the Show compatible hardware option.
  7. Choose the (Standard system devices) “manufacturer” and then, in the right pane, the Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator device.
  8. Click Next and ignore the warning by clicking Yes.
  9. Finish the installation of the driver.
  10. In my case the ISAPNP Read Data Port device disappeared from the system after this operation (your mileage may vary) and my soundcard was finally recognized properly (this should always be the case :)).

This entry was inspired by a thread at the Annoyances.org forum.


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