Windows XP restart loop

Recently a certain issue has become relatively popular among computers with Windows XP installed. What happens is the system keeps restarting itself infinitely. After a machine powers up, the load screen is displayed (Windows logo, progress bar), after which… the system restarts and so on. As hopeless as it seems, so far a trivial yet somewhat esoteric solution has proven to be the cure for the problem.

After booting the system using an installation disk and going to the recovery console, some computers had problems with displaying the contents of the system disk – after executing the dir command the HDD led was constantly lit for a while, after which the message “Error occured during directory enumeration” was displayed. In that case, running the command:

chkdsk C: /P

was required. It runs a filesystem check and tries to free it from errors. After the program exits, issuing the command exit should be all that is required to get the system running fine again.

A curious fact is that on some computers it was enough to run the recovery console and then… issue the exit command :D


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