Windows Update Agent 7.4.7600.226 and empty windows

On October 2, 2009, via Windows Update, Microsoft released an update for… system updating software ;) In my case, next to a Windows 7-aimed facelifting, some irritating problems turned up. At first everything was fine. After a while, at some times I was able to view the information regarding the number of updates found, but displaying a list of these updates was too much for my system ;)

I reinstalled the Windows Update Agent downloaded from Microsoft’s website. It didn’t help – still an empty update description window. Reboot and… it worked. “Great, problem solved” – I thought. I couldn’t be more wrong. After reading the available updates’ descriptions I installed them. The next day some new updates were published and… again, I couldn’t read what they were fixing. So I rebooted my box again and… voila, everything visible again. It looks like it’s just some irritating error in the new Windows Update Agent. Since these experiences a system reboot has always fixed the invisible update description problem.


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